Below are some frequently asked questions about ACCOuNT.  If you have additional questions about ACCOuNT, please take a look at our brochure here or submit your questions here. We will post answers to some of these questions we receive on this page.

You may also contact us directly if you would like to speak with a member of the ACCOuNT research team.

What are pharmacogenomics and precision medicine?
Click here for background information on pharmacogenomics and precision medicine. You may also visit the Resources page to see websites and materials that can teach you more about these topics. Finally, you may view a video created by one of the ACCOuNT pilot project grantees to learn more about how genomics may help you receive a better prescription. View the video here.
How is ACCOuNT different from other research studies?
Most pharmacogenomic and precision medicine studies have been conducted in populations of European ancestry. ACCOuNT is different from these studies because it focuses on pharmacogenomic research among African Americans.
What health problems is ACCOuNT studying?
Over time, we hope to study many diseases. We are building a large data warehouse to store data and share information with other researchers.For our first studies, ACCOuNT is studying blood clots, which can cause a number of serious health problems such as a stroke, a heart attack, or lung damage. First, we are looking for unique genetic that may impact why some people are more likely to get blood clots or how they respond to medications that treat blood clots, which are often called blood thinners. Then, we will use this information to help doctors make sure that all patients receive the medications that will work best for them.
What has pharmacogenomics research taught us about blood clotting in African American populations so far?
One study found that some genetic risk factors for blood clots are found more often in populations of African descent. Another study found genetic factors that affect responses to warfarin, a blood thinner, in African American populations.
Will the ACCOuNT research findings improve my health?
Over time, after more data has been collected, we hope that the research findings from ACCOuNT will help doctors make decisions about what medications will be most helpful to all of their patients, including African Americans.
How can I help?
We need more people to participate in pharmacogenomic research. You can help by participating in pharmacogenomics research studies, spreading the word about these types of studies, and encouraging others to participate as well.
I want to participate in a pharmacogenomics or precision medicine study. How do I sign up?
You may view the Resources page to learn more about nationwide research studies looking for participants.