annual meeting 2018
Over 50 members of the ACCOuNT team from across sites attended the second annual meeting held July 13, 2018.

Many people and institutions work together to make ACCOuNT possible. View the organizational chart and learn more about each of ACCOuNT’s core components, research projects, and collaborators.

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Four Cores


This is the organizational and scientific hub of the Center. It fosters collaboration and integration both among ACCOuNT members and in the broader community. The Core promotes efficiency, manages personnel and research processes, and stimulates an interdisciplinary community that encourages creativity. Working together with the Steering Committee, the Scientific Advisory Committee, and the leaders of the other ACCOuNT cores and projects, this Administrative Core leads ACCOuNT communication, progress evaluation, and fiscal management. The Administrative Core is lead by Drs. Minoli Perera and Paula Friedman.


This core assumes three essential roles that together ensure smooth, coordinated, and productive operations. First, it fosters communication among the academic, governmental, and community-based participants in ACCOuNT. Second, it coordinates among the academic health centers collecting data for the Discovery and Translational research projects. Third, it works with the Community and Stakeholder Advisory Board (CSAB) to administer the pilot grants that will fund community based projects.  The Consortium Core is led by Dr. Doriane Miller.


Along with the Implementation Advisory Council, this core supports the implementation, diffusion, and continuing evaluation and improvement of precision medicine in African Americans. The Core develops and disseminates curriculum, workshops, and collaborative activities for patients, physicians, and policy-makers on the use of race-specific precision medicine in clinical care. This core is also developing a framework by which discoveries made through pharmacogenomics association studies can be assessed for impact in translational studies and brought into clinical care for African Americans. The Implementation Core is led by Dr. David Meltzer.


This core is responsible for many aspects of data collection and analysis, including registering participants, providing honest broker service, coordinating sample collection, ensuring quality control of samples, performing sequencing, and integrating clinical and molecular data for ACCOuNT study participants. Finally, the Core is designing and implementing a database of genomic and clinical research findings relevant to African Americans to support ongoing research of precision medicine among minority groups. The Data Analysis and Harmonization Core is led by Dr. Robert Grossman.

Two Research Projects


The goal of this project is to identify common genetic variations that may affect how well African Americans respond to certain cardiovascular drugs. The project will create a public database that houses the results of this study and other genome-wide association studies in African Americans. The project is led by Dr. Minoli Perera.

Participating sites:

  • Northwestern University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • George Washington University
  • DC Veteran’s Administration Medical Center
  • Shenandoah University
  • Howard University

Learn more about the Discovery Project here.


The goal of this project is to move African American pharmacogenomics from discovery to implementation. The project team will do this by developing race-specific guidelines that doctors can use when prescribing medications to African American patients. This project will also create a large repository of patient data that can be used for future studies and will look at whether race-specific guidelines improve health outcomes. The project is led by Dr. Peter O’Donnell.

Participating sites:

  • Northwestern University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois at Chicago

Learn more about the Translational Project here.

Collaborators and Partners

NU  UCM  Shenandoah